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Polo is fortunate to have the good NBN (Fibre to the Premises - FTTP)

Each unit has their own fibre box. Each fibre box has 4 ports for internet services and 2 for phone services.

The fibre box generally has the unit number labeled on it.

To connect a new Internet service

  • Select an Internet Provider
  • Search their system for your location by your street number and McMichael Terrace, then select your unit number from a dropdown list.
  • If given a choice of NBN port, select the next available port and then connect your router to it

Internal cabling

  • Each unit and townhouse has some network cabling from the location of the NBN box to other rooms
  • If there's no cabling to where you need, Internet over Powerline adapters can be purchased to get connections where you need them

If you have an NBN fault that needs investigating, keys to the some NBN distribution boards are available from the Strata Manager or Executive Committee