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Recycling Guide.png
Summary of Rubbish Bins
Type of Bin Waste Day Emptied
Red Lid General Rubbish Wednesday
Yellow Lid Household Recycling Monday
Green Lid Green Waste Not yet in use
Clear Bag Container Deposit Weekly

Container Deposit System

Containers with a deposit are collected by residents and funds used for community BBQs at Polo

  • Please only put eligible containers in these bags
    • Eligible: Softdrink, Beer, Flavoured milk containers. Typically 150ml to 1.5l in size.
    • Not eligible: Wine bottles, unflavoured milk bottles, large juice bottles


  • Not everything can be recycled in our bins
  • Check the guide here, in the waste areas or online at ACT Gov Recyclopedia
  • Flatten boxes so more fit in.
  • Please dont put your recycling in a bag and then in the bin!
  • Contamination of recycling can lead to the whole bin or truck of recyclables being dumped.

Bulky items and other things

Some things just arent accepted in the Rubbish or Recycling bins, e.g.

  • Furniture, matresses, car parts, e-waste, chemicals and paints


  • Please dont overload bins or put stuff beside them if full. Save it until after the next collection
  • If the bins aren't in their usual spot for a few hours, they are probably getting emptied. Hang on to your waste or take it to the Townhouse waste area, where the bins await collection.
  • Don't dump nasties such as nappies or kitty litter directly into bins, it stinks! Please bag it.